Piotr Gwara


Such an empty word

It means nothing and everything

It makes people love even if it hurts

It makes people live even if they want to die

It can make dreams real

But only in our minds


In your entire life you are supposed to meet


But he biggest is


And you will have to make these lies


But there is always the light in the


You will die in pain and with a


On your face




Helena Grabowska


"Bradford was a small town, where everyone knows everyone else. The streets were full only when the mass was coming or during the sale in a local shop. I loved to sit at the window seat and watch all the small points, that were walking and hurrying to work. It was also so funny for me watching naughty children, visiting their friends since the early morning.

The teenagers from Bradford were the same as all the other teenagers. At school all of the students were divided into small groups, while at home they were becoming normal. I didn't belong to any of these groups, sects or clubs. During the lessons I was rather quiet and I could seem even embarrassed. My friend Scarlet said I appeared as a girl who's scared of her shadow. But in fact I was different. I was just a girl who danced to these crazy songs from the eighties. As it`s for school I was studying much. But when someone asked me if I was a swot, I denied it.  During the lessons I was trying not to outstand, because it was the easiest way to avoid having more enemies among my classmates. That's why I was rather a lonely girl. A girl, whose life one day has been changed a lot because of one stupid accident. In fact, I would never believe that unless I experienced it on my own. I would also never think that this stupid accident made me regret being born there.

Paweł Gos

Arthur’s Destiny

Part one

A long time ago in a galaxy far away from the earth in a small village there lived a man. His name was Arthur and his destiny was to save the entire world. He hasn`t known that at all. Arthur was very talented, he passed a hard exam that everyone else failed. His parents decided to send him to the military. It wasn’t a good decision as Arthur has never thought about military. No one knew why they did this. Arthur wasn’t complaining, he had to face up this challenge.

Five years later a war between his village and the north started. One day when he was alone for a while, he heard a voice, a beautiful voice that told him his destiny. After that Arthur saw a ghost. It gave him a hammer and the amulet.

Arthur took the hammer with his right hand and put the amulet on his neck. Before the ghost disappeared it said:

-Don’t be afraid of what you`ve heard. You’ll soon discover all the mysteries by yourself.

So he wasn't. He returned to his squad. Everyone laughed because of the hammer that looked very weird. Arthur said:

-I don't want to be a hero, I just want to end this war with your help.

Everyone laughed again except one of them, who said:

-I don't know why but I feel something weird that tells me to trust you and fight under your command.

-Thank you my fellow. Is everyone else with me, too ?- Arthur asked.

-Hell yes!-His companions shouted loudly.

Arthur didn't know what had actually happened but he wasn't complaining. From that moment he was called a captain.

The army that they had to fight with was much stronger then Arthur's one. It was the army of the first Devourer, the legend that very few people knew about.

There was no time for thinking about the tactic. Arthur and his army attacked the enemies that were near the river. When they started to fight a storm has begun and some red clouds appeared in the sky.

-Fight my friends, for the humanity! -Arthur shouted.

This fight was just the beginning of a big war between the light and the dark sides . Arthur was the one that was supposed to guide humans to the victory. Nito, the first of four creators of the world and the king of the dark side, decided to destroy the humanity and rule the world where only his creatures could live. Arthur eliminated twenty-two enemies and his army was going to win this fight but suddenly a huge creature has appeared. It had a magnetic helmet, an iron chest plate and quantum shoes. It was the first Devourer.

-You ! How such a little worm could beat my army? You are not worth of getting killed by me. You don't even know who I am.

-Yes, it's me and you're right I'm a little in your point of view but trust me I`m the great one and I'll prove it by killing you.

Arthur felt something strange. Suddenly he flew up and noticed that his hammer was lighting. It was the power of the amulet that was going to help him to defeat Devourer .

-Well, you can fly and your hammer too but still I can kill you.

The battle was really balanced for both sides.

Arthur flew to Devourer's head and smashed his nose but Devourer stroke back by taking him down and stunning him for a while. Fortunately, it didn't cause much damage. Next time Devourer attacked, Arthur dodged that and punched his face. Devourer exploded with rage and said:

-How can this be?! You can't defeat me ! I'm Devourer it cannot be ! I must have underestimated you, now I'll show you my power!

-Yes, I'll kill you as I said. Come on, show me what you've got.

Arthur's body was boosted again. He gained so much power that he could take down anything, but this power wasn't endless. He stroke again punching his legs so hard that Devourer fell down. Because of this attack, Arthur stood barely. Devourer was exhausted. He was only the first of three Devourers so he wasn't powerful enough to defeat Arthur. That was the end of the beginning...

-You...will regret that day. My brothers will punish you...I'm the beginning...-Devourer said before he died.

-Beginning ? We'll see.

Devourer's body disappeared and the fight ended. Arthur finally won. His army came to him and said:

-We're sorry for deserting, we...

-I know my friends. Calm down, It's over for now.

-What are you going to do ?

-I think, I need to find wisdom. I have to know some things. So I'm going to find the mages...


To Be Continued...


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